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Unusual Recipes for the Adventurous Cook

Authors Marina and John Bear


Cover Art by Stanley Mouse, author of Freehand: The Art of Stanley Mouse

Introduction by Jay Conrad Levinson, best-selling author of Guerilla Marketing

Foreword by Margaret Fox, best-selling cookbook author of Café Beaujolais

Not Your Mother’s Cookbook is a compilation of really unusual recipes, that actually work, and that are accessible to an average cook in an ordinary kitchen - a cook who is sufficiently adventuresome to want to try something quite different.

Unusual ingredients or uses of ingredients, such as eggplant bread, cheddar cheese fudge, or a simple peach soup with roses. Remember when we all thought carrot cake was unusual!

Unusual combination, such as the salmon-chocolate casserole we invented, green chili maple brittle, flounder with bananas, chocolate sauerkraut cake and tomato soup with bananas for starters.

Unusual preparation, such as the cake you cook from the inside out by drizzling it onto a rotisserie spit, brownies you make in a waffle iron, salmon cooked in the dishwasher, and chicken cooked on a beer can.

Unusual stories, such as the m'jeddrah which is believed to be the actual "mess of pottage" for which Esau sold his birthright, the omelet George Sand gave Victor Hugo, and stargazey Pie, celebrating the man from Mousehole who saved his English village from famine.

The Authors
John Bear and Marina Bear are authors or co-authors of six popular cookbooks with major publishers. John did one of the very few cookbook interview/demonstrations ever on the David Letterman show, as well as an ABC network appearance with Erma Bombeck, Fresh Air with Terri Gross on NPR, scores of local radio and TV appearances, and, in a weak moment, was a contestant on Jeopardy. He has also appeared on Today, Inside Edition, Extra and twice on Good Morning America. Marina was a guest author on the Dinah Shore program, as well as being the "real cookbook author" on To Tell the Truth.

  "For many decades the bookshops have been overstocked with ultra-serious and totally earnest cookbooks, so an antidote as refreshing and witty as this new book by the Bears deserves a great welcome and should elicit a lot of suitable irreverent reviews. It is a worthy addition to the growing body of irreverent cookbooks. We don’t have enough of them and this one is a joy to read." -- Alan Davidson, James-Beard-Award-winning author of The Oxford Companion to Food

  "A riotous and valuable cookbook! Many cooks, professional and otherwise, scour the world for unique recipes and meals. They can limit their scouring to these pages, knowing they’ll discover dishes that they’d never find elsewhere." -- Best-selling author Jay Conrad Levinson

  "I assure you, these are not just a mess of ingredients thrown together for the sake of being creative. These recipes taste good too." -- Margaret Fox, best-selling cookbook author and long-time owner-chef of Café Beaujolais, Mendocino, California

$16.95 Trade paper, 208 pages, 7¼ x 10 ½

B&W illustrations throughout

ISBN 0-943389-37-2

Distributed to the trade by Publishers Group West

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