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Life Near 310 Kelvin

The Web of Mama Dying

The Age of Light


A Spec for the Meaning of "Oneirophoresis"


The Aftermath of the 92 Elections

12 July, 49th Year

Stone from Inside

Train Passing

This is a small sample of poems from "Life Near 310 Kelvin".
The book contains over 60 poems and readings.
The audio CD holds over an hour of readings by the author.
The CD-ROM contains the entire text of the book, over two hours of readings by the author, and several movies.

Book / CD-ROM / Audio CD
Book 0-943389-25-9 $14.95
Multimedia CD-ROM 0-943389-28-3 $14.95
Audio CD 0-943389-31-3 $ 9.95


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